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What is the importance of animation in today's world?

May 2020, Digital Marketing

The animation is an art that plays a very crucial role in the business world as well as impacts the lives of general masses. In this era of digital strategy & marketing, a lot of animation is utilized on the internet for promotion amidst the target audience. The need for animation appears as a form of an exceptional means of interaction that helps to convey the message and communicate with the audience.

The animation is a medium that can bring concepts or imaginations to real life through character sketching. Animations are created through a series of breakdown, as shown in the image:

Animation Production Process

What are the different types of animation techniques?

Establishing a brand facilitates your process of market penetration, rushes up your sales graph, and helps in consumer retention. There are different types of methods in which animations can be applied to bring in a better and more compelling brand image to the audience.

Traditional Animation

Traditional animation or classic animation (cel animation, hand-drawn animation) is an animation technique in which each frame is sketched or drawn by hand. They are mostly used by advertisement businesses that screen advertisements before commencing production.

traditional marketing

2D Animation

2D animation or two-dimensional animation, is a mixture of artistic methods and media design that produces the illusion of flow in a two-dimensional environment. The images presented here are computer-generated and are remarked for their clarity and accuracy.

3D Computer Animation (CGI or CG)

3D animation is also referred to as CGI or CG, is made by creating images using computers. 3D animation uses the photo-realistic and three-dimensional appearance and feel is produced with the help of advanced animation methods.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is animation but with text as a significant ingredient. Motion graphic is generally used in bigger multi-media projects with larger scopes and here images and texts are animated to represent an illusion of movement. 

Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion animation (also known as stop-frame animation) is an animation method created by combining a sequence of individually illustrated frames. This makes the frame appear to display independent motion or shift when the series of frames is played backward.

Benefits of using animation for business:

Easy and Quick Communication
Easy and Quick Communication. Implementing colorful and creative animated videos can be used to effectively communicate with the audience.

Educate audience through animation
Animation educates the audience through entertainment. The audience can be explained the use of animation in education through entertainment.

Ability to transfer emotion efficiently
Ability to transfer emotion efficiently. Animation lets you show your thoughts, ideas, and concepts in various fields like marketing, advertising, and business.

Influence audience buying decision using animation
Using animation can greatly influence the audience buying decision. Since, animation takes great advantage of energetic colors, themes, and various other artistic features, it remains deep in the minds of the audience as well.

Increasing website traffic
Increasing website traffic as well as audience engagement with your content. If you have a sound animated video or image animation, the audience would want to observe it and visit your website. This can grow your search engine ranks and can help your brand exceeding any doubts.

Easily shareable
Easily shareable. The chances of sharing your animation are higher if the audience finds it smart and funny allowing you to reach a large amount of audience.


Animation Studios furnish the services of designing high-quality animations, be it 2D, 3D, motion graphics, character animation, stop motion or whiteboard animation videos for businesses. Using animation will help your brand tell stories and convey the message through entertaining video content that can be shared across all the social media channels.

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