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What are the Best Ecommerce Platforms?

October 2020, Digital Marketing

What would you like to do with an additional $1,500 a day?

With a little bit of work using the best eCommerce platform, you can build an online store that creates that kind of ROI (and more). However, to reach the success story of $500,000, you have to decide the right eCommerce platform.

So to help you out, our team has reviewed the top 5 eCommerce platforms in the industry, depending on your current circumstances.

The best eCommerce platforms:

1. Magento – Best eCommerce platform for creative

2. Wix – Flexibility and customization

3. Shopify – All-in-one eCommerce platform

4. BigCommerce – eCommerce platform for small to large stores

5. WooCommerce – Incredible eCommerce for WordPress website

ecommerce and digital retail

How to select the best eCommerce platform?

The most suitable eCommerce platform for your business will depend on various factors like your skill level, requirements for customization, and the type of goods you want to sell. But selecting the right platform can be overwhelming as there are various options from where you can choose. To make things more accessible, we have created a list of information to consider as you start with the process.

But selecting the right platform can be overwhelming as there are various options from where you can choose. To make things more accessible, we have created a list of information to consider as you start with the process.

Physical vs. digital products

Digital commodities are rapidly increasing in the online market. But the delivery of digital products is different from delivering any physical product. Several eCommerce platforms manage each of the products differently. A few of them might not support digital goods at all. So it’s necessary to know which type you plan to sell before making any decision.

eCommerce and Digital Retail
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Deployment options

If you have already developed your website, the best deployment decision is integrating an eCommerce store rather than creating a new website on a new eCommerce platform. Furthermore, you can implement eCommerce functionality via a plugin if you are using a WordPress website.

Design and flexibility

Some eCommerce website builders have a drag and drop feature, meaning that the customization benefits are endless. Other eCommerce platforms integrate into your current website, with only a few customization options.

Advanced eCommerce features

Would you like to offer discounts or accept payments through various payment gateways? Maybe you would like to send consumers a reminder email when they exit your eCommerce website with something in their shopping cart.

Other advanced eCommerce features include:

1. Integration of Email Marketing

2. Memberships

3. Recurring payments

4. Gift cards and discount coupons

5. Multiple Payment Plans

6. Shipping Delivery

7. Various Product Types

8. Numerous Product Categories

What are the different types of best eCommerce platforms?

There are multiple types of eCommerce platforms on this list and the type of eCommerce platform that you should choose as per your current situation.

Magento: Best eCommerce Platform

Magento is the part of Adobe Experience Cloud. Adobe Experience Cloud brings your marketing tech altogether in a single place and one integrated approach for one smooth and high-quality eCommerce experience.

As a best eCommerce platform, Magento integrates digital and physical shopping experiences, entertaining consumers. Moreover, Magento gets support from a global network of 1,150+ solution and technology partners. This eCommerce platform gets help from an active and expert community of more than 300,000 Magento developers.

With the support of expert community, Magento eCommerce platform has some versatile features, like:

1. Versatile content management

2. Mobile-friendly configuration

3. Advanced search engine optimization

4. Powerful and Spacious

5. Smooth third party integrations

6. Easy to use

7. Simple Admin Panel

best ecommerce platform
design tools and technologies

Wix: Flexibility and Customization

Wix is great for an affordable, flexible, and customizable eCommerce platform. Wix is famous for the drag and drop interface with total freedom to design anything you can imagine.

With Wix, you will get more than 500+ prebuilt website templates and lots of customization options. You can even design pages from scratch using any prebuilt templates.

The eCommerce platform includes stunning features, like:

1. Supports 90+ languages

2. Additional 250+ apps to give extra functionality to your website

3. Custom product pages

4. Powerful and Spacious

5. Worldwide shipping and taxes

6. Customizable checkout

7. Recurring payments

Shopify Review: All-in-one eCommerce platform

Shopify is an all-in-one eCommerce platform that assists more than 1+ million online shops, making it one of the most successful choices on this list.

However, the Shopify eCommerce platform is not customizable as Wix. But it provides more superior eCommerce features because it was built specifically to host online shops.

Furthermore, it is incredibly versatile, from powering small to large stores and everything in between. Shopify plans include access to a large number of eCommerce features, including:

1. Point of Sale for physical shops

2. Real-time carrier shipping rates

3. Guest Checkout

4. Automatic tax calculations

5. Customer accounts and profiles

6. Fulfillment centers

7. Advanced inventory management

best ecommerce template
Bigcommerce template

BigCommerce: eCommerce platform for small to large stores

BigCommerce is an all-in-one eCommerce platform, especially for large online shops. As an all-in-one eCommerce platform, it has more advanced features suitable for handling high volumes and a large number of products.

BigCommerce plans include multiple advanced features, including:

1. Consumer accounts for quicker checkouts

2. Mobile-optimized checkout

3. Abandoned cart recovery

4. Google AMP and Akamai

5. Advanced product filters

6. Coupons and discount codes

7. Advanced inventory management

8. Built-in shipping management

WooCommerce Review — The best for WordPress websites

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin created to add eCommerce functionality to current WordPress websites. Adding WooCommerce gives your website eCommerce abilities like accepting online payments, configurable shipping delivery, product listings, and more. But you must have an existing WordPress website to use it.

As a great eCommerce plaform, WooCommerce includes great eCommerce features like:

1. Plugin extensions to increase the functionality

2. Rest APIs for developers to create custom platforms

3. Extensive tutorials and documentation

4. Support for subscriptions and deposits

5. Automated tax calculations

6. Automated tax calculations

7. Real-time shipping rates

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As a digital marketing and app development agency in Kuwait, our #1 recommendation for most users is Magento. It has a large number of features and functionalities. Plus, it’s easy to use and highly customizable. For large and medium stores, you can use BigCommerce or Shopify. However, if you have already developed a WordPress website, WooCommerce is an excellent choice depending on what you need.


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