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Web and Mobile App Design Company in Kuwait and Dubai

Latest web tools and technologies for web and mobile app design in Kuwait and Dubai

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Leading Application Development Agency in UAE | Kuwait.

Cultivate new abilities for spin-off apps; cover the latest technology and propositions throughout existing apps.

Web and Mobile App Design Tools and Technologies

A simple web and mobile app design is a complicated process. We analyze it by focusing on challenges and solutions followed by creating functional user interfaces that keep the users at the center. Stratify Digital is equipped with the latest and up to date web and mobile app design and development tools that are up-to-date and intense. We use the latest website and mobile app designing tools and technologies while designing.


Our expert designing team helps you out with the best design for website and mobile app from scratch. The design includes clickable wireframes to fully-interactive prototypes. As a leading mobile app and web design company in Kuwait, we provide a broad range of web and mobile interactions so that you can concentrate on building delightful user experiences.
Web and Mobile App Design in Kuwait

Latest Web and Mobile App Design Tools

Markup, Scripting, and Programming Languages. Our expert web and mobile app developers use the up to date scripting and programming languages to create back-end designs of websites. Our expert web developers use the following tools – JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, CSS3, and HTML5 to design web pages. JavaScript and JQuery generally make things quicker by processing data listed by the users on the client’s device. Furthermore, JavaScript is used to verify contact form field conditions before submitting the form to have them prepared by PHP, the server-side programming language.

The first step to building an awesome mobile application

Our expert designers use the drag and drop interactive, customizable UI Components and Templates for iOS, Android, and Web. They even import designs from Sketch, Adobe XD or Adobe Photoshop.
A final touch or mouse events are used for mobile and web prototyping. Our designers create the flow of your app using automated screen transitions or use the timeline specialty to animate any layer.
We go through the prototypes on every selected device, in a browser or on smartphones (Android & iOS) using the designing tools and technologies.
Share and collaborate
Once the design is completed, we share the prototypes with our clients with a single click. We get feedback based on the design from the client. We also conduct user testing with a few testing platforms.
design tools and technologies

Speak with our experts for a custom or bespoke solution.

Cultivate new abilities for spin-off apps; cover the latest technology and propositions throughout existing apps.

Web and Mobile App Design Technologies

Dreamweaver CS4, Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Illustrator CS4 Extended are used by our expert web and mobile app designers. Our professional design team carves out artistic, creative, unique, and compelling web and mobile app designs that are both captivating and practical.

Dreamweaver CS4

Web and Mobile App Design dreamweaver

Adobe Photoshop

Web and Mobile App Design photoshop

Adobe Flash

Web and Mobile App Design flash

Adobe Illustrator

Web and Mobile App Design illustrator

How It Works?

For each web and mobile app design, we assign a dedicated UI/UX designer and a technical team who work with you, to do a full review and analysis of your ideas with the latest advanced solutions and technology.
Web and Mobile App Design Process

Discover & Devise: Target Audience, Market, and the Challenge

Market Analysis

Analysis of what’s already been done by solutions that is similar in the market and upgrade the experience


Identify core requirements and concept of the solution with elaborated discussion and brainstorming sessions.


Identify core business problem to be solved keeping end-users at the center
Web and Mobile App Design
Mobile App Design Company in Kuwait

Define & Refine: Blueprint of the Core


Designing data architecture with principal modules and projects in a consistent hierarchy.

User Journeys

Powerful analysis of user behavior by acting backward to design components that users expect.


Conceptual block-based design to reveal the visual representation of principal information components.

UI / UX Design: Interface, Experience & Visuals


Designing stunning pixels to produce a visually appealing interface of connected screens.

Digital Experience

Building a functional design by mindfully arranging the interface, information, and interaction.

Objective Design

Building a design that not only looks amazing and stunning but also holds to resolving the core of the challenge.
Web and Mobile App Design
Web and Mobile App Design

Handover: Discovery to Development

Discovery to Development

The deployment or handover process – irrespective of who the development team is, they work as a catalyst to maintain the same work-flow and base of the concept to be produced. This is guaranteed by visual design to the highest detail, operational flow, and design guidelines that are set to be shipped as a package.