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What are the Top Social Media Sites for Marketing?

January 2020, Digital Marketing

The popularity of social media sites is increasing tremendously in the past few years. People are more engrossed in social media than in real life. The use of social media has certainly benefited business people to get a hold on their customers and generate leads. There are various social media channels that people tend to use but very few have gained popularity among the audience.

According to a survey, most people use the following social platforms daily.

To make use of favorable social platforms for social media marketing, I have created a list for you. This list will help you to understand the social media channel to use for an online marketing campaign. Most of the business people use random social media channel to run a campaign that doesn’t go well because they don’t research the statistics of the audience in social media. According to research, the most active users on social media networks worldwide are found to be on Facebook.

Here are the most popular social media channels as of April 2019:

social media chart


2.23 Billion Monthly Active Users

Facebook has been declared as the biggest social media site among the audience and more than two billion people are using Facebook. Facebook has gained huge popularity among us and it’s practically easy to get started on Facebook because almost all content formats work great on Facebook. People spend a lot of time on Facebook as compared to other social media channels. This makes a great factor for the business people to run a marketing campaign on Facebook using various methods.


1.9 Billion Monthly Active Users

YouTube is a video sharing platform where most of the videos get billions of views. Videos that are appealing and attractive to the audience to get the best views. However, your business should reflect on the videos because you cannot make random videos to attract an audience. You can simply create a YouTube channel and start uploading your videos but make sure to use keywords that have high search volume. This comes under YouTube SEO, where you optimize to get maximum views and subscribers.


1.5 Billion Monthly Active Users

WhatsApp is a messaging app that is used by billions of people over 180 countries. WhatsApp was first used as a communication app between family members, friends, and co-workers but gradually it started emerging as a business platform. WhatsApp has been building out its business platform to allow them to use a proper business profile, to provide the best customer support and to share updates and news about their new product or service.


1 Billion Monthly Active Users

Instagram is a platform where one can share photos and videos to a wide range of audiences. As a brand, you can have an Instagram Business Profile which will provide you with an in-depth analytic report of your profile and daily posts.


335 Million Monthly Active Users

Twitter is a social platform that is mostly used for news, entertainment, sports, politics and more. Twitter is completely different from other social media sites as it has a strong emphasis on real-time information – a day to day news. Twitter is often used as a customer service channel and more than 80 percent of social customer service request happens on Twitter.


255 Million Monthly Active Users

Snapchat is similar to Instagram, which gives a platform to the audience to share photos and short videos. Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app which is used globally and mostly used by the younger generation, age ranged from 13-24 years (90%) and remaining users of age 34 years.

Over to you: Which site would you like to use for marketing?

If you feel that there are more social platforms that can be used for social media marketing, feel free to send me the list. I will be happy to update you.

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