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Leading Virtual Reality (VR) Agency in UAE | Kuwait.

Stratify Digital’s Virtual Reality (VR) group helps the world’s leading companies visualize, design, and deliver responsive VR experiences that fuel further market growth.

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Virtual Reality Services

VR for Events & Exhibitions

VR for Events & Exhibitions

VR for Edutainment

VR for Edutainment

VR for Medical Sector

VR for Medical Sector

Training & Simulation in VR

Training & Simulation in VR

Invent your future with Virtual Reality (VR)

We are on the gateway of a captivating, broad and creativity-inspiring time in which our wisdom and our reality will be stretched through the merging of the real and virtual realm, essentially changing the way we exist, operate and execute. Virtual Reality (VR) connects and involves consumers at a deeper and more significant level.

It encourages employees to improve their productivity and execution. And it builds entirely new ways for consumers to encounter the virtual world around them. Innovative companies are discovering new purposes of Virtual Reality (VR) now. Are you set to invest your company’s future reality?

Contact our team of experts to discuss how our Virtual Reality in Dubai can help transform your business.

Contact our team of experts to discuss how our Virtual Reality in Dubai can help transform your business.

Our VR design process

Using human-centered layout systems, intense industry knowledge, and our proficiency in combinative technologies; Stratify Digital designs and creates life-changing VR experiences that rely on the potential of the human experience revolution.

Concept development

This is the most crucial stage, from knowing what you want to achieve to starting to build the design.


Next, we present a high-level outline and a storyboard to bring the plan to life.

Alpha release

Here we shift everything into 3D content to see precisely what it’s going to look like, with essential functionalities.

Beta release

Based on the feedback we obtained from you and adopting our team’s skillful knowledge, we can modify the project here before approaching the final steps.

Final testing

The project is eventually confirmed and after our inventive team has worked their magic, the VR design is complete.


The content will then get promoted to the real-time environment.

Why use Stratify?

As an experienced Virtual Reality agency, we know exactly how developing creative VR content can help your business. We push boundaries with progressive clients to produce bespoke environments that can transport your audience to a place that may not even exist yet. With a highly-skilled in-house team, we work in collaboration with global brands to overcome challenges and consistently deliver innovative quality content. With many years of experience and industry knowledge, our team has a proven track record of taking the most ambitious of projects from conception to completion and delivering an unrivaled VR experience.

Sample a Product

Turn Ads 360 Degrees

Building website using embedded VR experience

VR in advertisement campaigns

VR content in Social Media

VR to increase social media audience