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Leading Augmented Reality (AR) Agency in UAE | Kuwait.

Augmented Reality (AR) is helping businesses to grow globally, enthuse new tech-savvy customer groups, and bring brands to customers digitally.

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Augmented Reality Services

Facebook Spark AR

Facebook Spark AR

Instagram AR

Instagram AR

Snap AR Lens

Snap AR Lens

App based AR

App based AR

Web AR

Web AR

Delivering the destiny to you

Discover how we are helping brands and retailers bridge the gap between offline and online to sell more through AR activation. AR is not complicated. It simply allows you to overlay digital content into the real world with your phone or tablet. That’s it. We deliver Augmented Reality solutions both online and offline, triggered by product packaging, unique codes, brand logos and many other ways. All delivery destinations enable us to provide you with data ‘in the moment’, so we can review and optimize the campaign creative and UI efficiency, as we go.

There are many different ways to deploy Augmented Campaigns. Snapchat, Facebook, Custom App development and WebAR are just a few ways that we deploy our Augmented Reality Campaigns. At a top-level, we deploy Augmented Reality campaigns that feature either a specific product, or a brand, experience.

Take control of your messaging in a direct, immersive and interactive way, unlike any other media, using Augmented Reality.

Take control of your messaging in a direct, immersive and interactive way, unlike any other media, using Augmented Reality.

Ingest AR into your existing businesses

Digital Marketing

The use of ground-breaking Augmented Reality tools for digital marketing will ensure a larger market share. We have accepted AR as an intensified marketing application that the audience can engage with at anywhere. We can help you create applications that will enable various features to be used wholesomely in your digital marketing campaigns.


Educational resources are intensified by Augmented Reality (AR) systems and can be applied to recreate situations or modify educational resources into 3D images all superimposed in real-time. Augmented Reality (AR) is very positive for educators in classroom environments and helps learners gain a deeper perception of the subject. By protruding content to media, the learning practice is made much more interactive.


Geo-location and the real-time demonstration of improved maps can shape how we navigate. Augmented Reality (AR) can provide detailed and indicative data to the user such as nearby eateries, breweries, grocery stores, and fashion outlets. A plain tap on the camera screen can route in an enormous amount of the user-based reports. If you are looking forth to completing such refined features in your applications, we are the right firm for the work.

It's time to descend into the unexplored

Stratify Digital’s AR exists to help this community—by improving the technology and tools to develop and deepen the probabilities for connection. While the reality may be augmented, the sensations these events bring to life are undeniably real.


Pioneering new factors in the production

We’re constantly looking for ideas to make our lives seem more mysterious, lively, and bright. Augmented Reality (AR) sets us at the core of new entertainment actions in which the world we live in helps as the backdrop for adventures into the imagination. Our physical connection with films, dramas, music, sports, and more can deliver higher intensity, detail, and texture. We’ll view that entertainment has become more personal and competent in bringing a raw sense of miracle to the world we live in.


Making mobile more helpful, and more enjoyable

We live in a creation filled with friction. Augmented Reality (AR) experiences on our mobile devices enable us to lessen the number of actions it takes to achieve a task. Apps become spontaneous when they’re attached to the aspects of our location, environment, temperament, and aims, which can improve us to make better conclusions, schedule time, and effortlessly shift from one assignment to the next. Augmented Reality (AR) can make the tasks we engage today feel less tedious, and partially achieved before we even get started.


Extending the voice of expression

The essence of our connections is instantly related to how much we perceive and experience. Augmented Reality (AR) can unlock new portals for representing what we’re imagining and feeling, sharing what we grasp, and spreading our enthusiasms. We’ll soon begin to see how email, video activities, text messaging and more can be remixed to address reinvented formats for an online connection. By providing us more important ways to express ourselves, augmented reality can bring us closer no matter wherever we are.


Exerting the guesswork out of purchasing

The most pleasant purchasing decisions are the ones we don’t second-guess. Augmented Reality (AR) forms new ways for people to explore commodities, try them out, or understand how they fit into their homes or lives—before the ultimate transaction. By omitting steps in the shopping journey while at the same period making customers feel more convinced, AR can reinvent the way we purchase. This is the very beginning of something huge.