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Mobile & Web Application Development in UAE | Kuwait.

Bespoke and custom mobile applications with best in class UI / UX design. Create future-proof and engaging user experiences on mobile and web.

mobile app development

Leading Application Development Agency in UAE | Kuwait.

Cultivate new abilities for spin-off apps; cover the latest technology and propositions throughout existing apps.

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Application Development Services

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Web App Development

Web App Development

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid App Development

Cross Platform App Development

Cross Platform App Development

Integrated mobile application solutions for your business.

Stratify Digital possesses the required expertise for building web and mobile applications that deliver immense value to stakeholders as well as provide even better customer experience. Our business customers quickly transform to be long-term partners, as we delve deep to understand their business, and in the process, deliver long-lasting and effective solutions.

Speak with our experts for a custom or bespoke solution.

Cultivate new abilities for spin-off apps; cover the latest technology and propositions throughout existing apps.

How we do it?

As experts in Application Development, Stratify Digital can also build cross-platform mobile applications that will operate on any device or platform. Companies and organizations choosing Stratify Digital for their custom mobile application development requirements can be assured that their final product, no matter the technology it’s built on, will be protected, ascendible and reasonable in whatever environment it’s hosted.

Analysis and diagnosis phase

The application development lifecycle begins with the analysis and interpretation phase, where the direction, intentions, and requirements are developed.

Testing phase

Next is the testing phase, which ensured by implementation in a beta setting to test real-world usability.

Design & Prototyping

Once the analysis and requirements are understood, the design process takes place. This phase makes use of the architectural framework, components used for the project, and codes.


The deployment phase is highly automated and this phase is almost invisible. The output of this phase is the release of the production of the working app.

Development phase

The architecture and composition of the applications occur while the development stage.

Maintenance phase

Eventually, there is the drive to a full statement, and the application enters the maintenance phase.

Technologies we work with

Technology is moving faster than ever. To keep up with the business and consumer demands, we make use of high-end technologies such as React Native, Flutter, Node Js, etc. Our team is composed of top developers, creative, and analytical talent in the industry who have thorough expertise in a range of business domains.

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