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Luxury fashion brand - Increase in Footfall

February 2020, Case Study

Client: Luxury Fashion Brand

Multi-Channel Marketing, Digital Marketing


The Fashion Retail wanted to increase their footfall so they approached us through a digital campaign. To help them increase their footfall we used Google Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, and various other marketing channels to reach the right audience by creating the right context. The Geo-targeting and audience targeting led to a measurable uplift in footfall.

  • To increase productivity, conversion and sales
  • Drive customers to the fashion store and thereby increase footfall to stores
  • Increase sales and overall satisfaction of users
  • Reach local customers on mobile with locally-targeted ads
Digital Marketing Case Study


Photo Ads/Video Ads

Photo Ads and Video Ads were used to tell the story through a clean, simple and beautiful creative canvas. Video ads gave a visually immersive quality through added power of sight, sound, and motion. Also, the addition of carousel ads gave another layer of depth to campaigns, where users can swipe to view added photos or videos in a single ad.

A/B Testing

We used the A/B test to compare two versions of the same campaign and exposing to equal halves of the audience. This A/B testing included the color variation on call to action and landing page. The landing pages were optimized for clicks and conversions. The idea was that users would be more drawn to exploring for items in which they were particularly interested.

Core Audience

The targeting features are becoming simple and even more powerful. The Core Audiences targeting options were built to allow advertisers around the world to reach specific audiences based on four main targeting types: location, demographics, interests, and behaviors. This targeting is a more effective way to reach the right people on Facebook.

Custom Audience

The Custom Audience targeting option was used to target an audience from an uploaded user list. The list can be composed of people from a customer file or customers tracked by the Facebook pixel who have visited or took actions on a website, app, or Facebook page.

Look-Alike Audience

We used Look-alike Audience as a targeting option to reach new people who are likely to be interested in the business because they're similar to the best existing customers. The look-alike audience targeting was done from both social media platforms as well as Google ads.

Custom Targeting

The use of Custom Audiences offers some of the best targeting possible. They are highly distinguished groups of people who already have a relationship with the business, such as past consumers, or users who have visited the website, or users who are interested in your products.

Multi-Channel Marketing like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.

Multi-channel marketing is the method of interacting with customers across social media channels. Google Ads, and other marketing channels. This is a great way to connect with a new audience as well as the old audience. The campaigns were run across all the selected platforms to connect with the maximum number of audience across Kuwait.

instagram ads


Engine of success

The results of the May 2019-June 2019 campaign revealed:

  • 3.8M+ unique user reached
  • 10.6% of the people who clicked on fashion store search ads visited a physical store
  • Incorporating store visits data, increases the ROI of online ads x5
  • 42% lift in ad recall
  • 22% higher CTR