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Top 5 Tips to Increase Your Social Media Engagement

June 2019, Digital Marketing

Social Media is starting to take its rightful throne as the best place for marketing for many businesses as it is the key catalyst for brand growth. If the social media marketing is done in a proper way than it will create a huge wave of positivity for many businesses to boost brand awareness and increase the conversion to improve the company profits.

Promoting your business through social media is a necessary step as major audience is present in social media and creating brand awareness can lead to potential customers as well as lead conversion. Follow these steps to increase your social media engagement:

Talk about Topic not just your Brand

In many situations when you come into contact with new audience it’s important to talk to them. Creating only content will not increase your audience but you should have a number of followers through which you can increase your brand awareness.

Join groups which are relevant to your business and reach out to your potential customers. If your business is about health then you can join the groups relevant to health industry. This will help you to target your audience and they will get to know your brand name.

In conjunction with joining forums and groups of your expertise, it’s great to create some of your own multiple groups and forums along with inviting key influencers & prospective customers to join the discussion. This is a great way to promote and increase your brand awareness among the audience.

Join Forums

Handing out useful and informative answers to the audience is a great way to provide users with value and audience gets to recognize you as a helpful brand. This builds trust and credibility among you and your customers. If you can offer relevant answers to your customers, much better than your competitors, you can increase your potential audience and become a go-to seller.

With customers becoming more impatient and wanting answers to their queries almost immediately, having a responsive team to answers customers queries quickly is perfect for catering those needs. The best way to gain audience is to answer the customer queries before your competitor does. However, make sure that the content of the answer should be useful and informative so as not to damage your reputation.

To provide useful and informative content to customers, do a complete research to the most commonly asked questions in your expertise and create simple yet useful answers. When researching through FAQ’s in your field, its best practice is to create in-depth guides and detailed content in your blog posts. Adding links in your answers shows that you are willing to help the customers get their required information and this makes customers to trust your brand even more. Through your help in answering all the customer queries, you are likely to attract more buyers and become a well-known brand among audience.

According to Bright local Survey:

  • 86% customers read reviews for business
  • 40% of customers take into account reviews written within past 2 weeks
  • 91% of customers trust online reviews for business
  • 89% of customers read business responses to reviews

Do you read online reviews for business?

  • 18-34
  • 35-54
  • 55+

Re-post Followers or Customers Post

Reposting or sharing your customers and followers post can greatly help you to increase audience. When someone else can provide a better content than you and if you use it by sharing then your customers will see that you are there to give them what they need, doesn’t matter if the content is from your side or it’s a shared one. Furthermore, if your social media feed can provide them useful and relevant information. They will be attracted to you and it will encourage them to follow you.

While you answer customer queries with your informative content, sharing customer and followers content will keep customers interested. Sometimes hearing and sharing customer’s content can help engage an interesting conversation. You can take use of influencers to share content which can be bloggers or social media influencers. Asking well known individuals in your field of expertise to promote your post in return for freebie or discount is a good way for getting your brand to be seen by everyone.

Similarly, it can even increase your social media engagement through guest posting and by creating in-depth articles to go on blogs and news channels. Even more, which can be further promoted across social media channels that can direct people to your site or to any bloggers site that features your article. We have seen many examples where brands get engage in a conversation with customers or followers. Check how Nike replies to their followers and customers:

Use Infographics

Images act as an important & powerful tool in your content as it increases social media engagement through its visual content. Most importantly, an image in any content attracts the eyes of viewers and these contents tend to get shared much faster than any other text content. Likewise, you can create infographics to promote your content, which will be more attractive and more easily shareable. These can be even used for content marketing through which you can gain amazing traffic and leads.

However, when creating an infographic, make sure that you are not only focusing much on the design but also on the content. An Infographic without informative and unique content will not be able to attract customers or followers. In addition, Infographics should always have an informative and attractive content along with a beautiful design.

Infographics are visual content that are used to display or promote content which are tough to explain through normal text.

Why use Infographics?

  • Infographics are Compelling and Attractive
  • Can be easily scanned and viewed
  • Create amazing brand awareness
  • Portable to use
  • They increases tremendous web traffic


According to a survey of Forbes, use of Visual Content or Infographics has increased over the past years and most people prefer infographics over other content marketing factors.


Content Marketing

  • Content Marketing

Include Games, Contests & Giveaways

There is no doubt that you have heard about the power of including games, contests & giveaways in social media platform. The most interesting part of this is that it boosts engagement on social media platforms of your choice because audience usually likes receiving prizes of recognition. Moreover, this will act as a boost for your brand awareness. Besides contests and giveaways, you can also use games to attract social media audience. There are many games in social media platform that attracts a huge number of audiences which are classy and easy to play. Games like Mad Libs, Hangman or Boogle. Moreover, including games, contests or giveaway can increase your brand awareness and engages the audience in your brand.

In conclusion, Social media platform works like magic when it comes to increase brand awareness and engagement between brand & customer. While it may seem easy, it can be confusing if done for the first time. However, there are steps that can help you understand the basics (that were explained above).

So, what have you learned?

  • Don’t just talk about your brand but discuss the latest and upcoming product or service with your audience. Above all, give them useful and informative content about your business.
  • Join forums and start answering the doubts (relevant to your business) of audience.
  • Make sure to engage in a conversation with your audience because it’s them that you are getting the awareness.
  • Add emoticons while updating any posts or replying to your customer. This will show your feelings which makes them feel happy.
  • Include visual content as it helps to convey any message in a easier way.
  • Use trending hashtags (relevant to your business) and let audience engage with your content.
  • Ask for feedback from customer, as this will make them feel loyal and trust-worthy.
  • Another way to get audience is to include games and contest.
  • Always measure your success with analytics tool.

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