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E-commerce Solution

September 2019, Technology

Our e-commerce solution will bring all the consumers and sellers under one roof and a single platform. The user and seller have their individual e-commerce app for buying and selling products. This will make it less confusing and time-consuming for both as they don’t have to switch from one to another app.

So, whether you have to buy a new electronic product or any clothes, our e-commerce solution will make your shopping easy. Sellers can now track their orders, upload products, and get a notification for every point without having to check their accounts continuously. The merchant app is implemented with various modules that make the app more efficient. Selling and buying products have been made easy by this solution.

What is in the Seller's App?

The seller app is implemented with more user-friendly features. This e-commerce seller app is simple and easy to use as it has all the required options that let the seller view without any error.

  • Vacation Mode (now opening and closing store made easier with the vacation mode)
  • Request Pickup (Seller can request order pickup)
  • The seller can directly chat with customers in-case of any issue
  • Notification about received order and pending order
  • The seller can request the admin to create a promotion for their products.
  • Notification about payment

What is in the Consumer's App?

The friendly, responsive app for consumers lets you order anything you want (Art, Clothes, Electronic Product, Maternity Products, Car & Bike Accessories). You can select the product from the relevant categories or use the search bar. 

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Easy Payment Option (You can also request someone to buy for you)
  • Option to add favorite shop & product in wishlist
  • Option to check available coupons

Access Marketplace

Take a look around as there is more to the marketplace than just the products. Select from the required categories or shop directly from the stores. This e-commerce solution is a moment of comfort for the shopaholic inside you.

Product Details

Tap a product you’re interested in and get the details of the product. The details include product specification, manufacturer details, price, etc. You can add the product to the bag or wishlist.

My Account

My account page lets you check all the required details about the ordered product, edit your profile, check for available coupons, your saved cards, and details about how to open a store.

E-commerce solution app features

Easy Payment

This e-commerce app lets you make easy payment and also the option to request someone else to buy for you. The payment integration is specially integrated to make the shopping easier than ever.

Sort & Filter

The sort & filter comes up with a new feature where a consumer can search for any product based on their color, discount, price, brand, and recently added to a sale.

Add to Wishlist

The wishlist is the section where all your favorite products or store can be added. The consumers can simply click the heart shape icon to make their favorite product or store added to the wishlist. So whenever the consumer feels like shopping from their favorite store, they can simply go to the wishlist without any further confusion.


The notification section lets you view updates and news about the latest product, discounts, order tracking, and about the coupons.


Our e-commerce solution app has implemented a coupon section where the consumers can view the available coupons. These coupons can be used during the checkout option. Whenever any coupon is added, the consumer can find it there.

Buy it for Me

The option lets you share the payment link with someone you would like to purchase the product for you.