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Database Design and Management Company in Kuwait and Dubai

Database technologies used for database design and management in Kuwait and Dubai

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Cultivate new abilities for spin-off apps; cover the latest technology and propositions throughout existing apps.

Expertise in Database Design & Management

As a leading Digital Strategy and Digital Marketing Company in Kuwait and Dubai, we offer expert database design and management services for leading brands across the world to achieve their goals strategically. Our database solutions cultivate data access at all the time to support business performance, operations, and decision making to save both time and money.
We provide expert and skilled services that help you keep your business stable and effective all the time. Our database design and management experts ensure that the database solutions we provide are a perfect fit for the cross-platform application. We present only the best and proven practices to tailor database management solutions that hold data in a database. Furthermore, our services help you experience cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and integrity along with robust reliability.
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Cultivate new abilities for spin-off apps; cover the latest technology and propositions throughout existing apps.

Technologies we use




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Database Design & Development Services

MySQL Database Development:
This is a freeware that really helps businesses that are looking to handle large data with integration with other databases.
DynamoDB Development:
We build DBMS for mobile, gaming, web, IoT, and various other apps that demand low-latency data access for quicker app functionality.
PostgreSQL Database Development:
Nurturing business mobility with scalable ERP application and PostgreSQL DBMS to organize, store, and interpret data.
Oracle Database Development:
We help businesses by designing RDBMS with Oracle where access to a huge amount of data is required with security with multiple features.
Firebase Database Development:
Modifying business methods by a cloud database solution enabling them to go remote and access data straight from the cloud when needed.
MongoDB Development:
We utilize it to design a DBA that rushes up report management, alteration, real-time processing, and analysis on a massive scale.
Redis Database Development:
Using Redis we design a database for an app that includes important data manipulation, analysis, and drawing it in from another source.
Microsoft SQL Server:
If your company has various Microsoft products & raw data, then we help to set up a database on local or cloud servers with authorized access.

How can Stratify Digital help?

Stratify Digital helps you find the appropriate tool for a specific plan based on your business requirement. Our database engineers will support you to implement the latest versions while building compliant database solutions for various departments and functional units, both individually or combined as required.
Our database solutions for companies cover end-to-end services that involve strategic DB plan, design, development, management, migration, backup & restore, remote DBA services, support, and Big Data solutions.
We have created authentic database solutions against various business requirements using Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, SQL Azure, PostgreSQL, Netezza, and more. With our dedicated solution for database design and management, we help you achieve the result that best suits your demands varying in online databases, full-text databases, graph databases, time-series databases, XML databases, public domain databases, real-time databases, document-oriented databases, relational databases, navigational databases, and more.
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