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A Complete Guide on How to Do A/B Testing With Landing Pages

June 2020, Digital Marketing

A/B Testing with Landing Page is essential if you want conversions. It’s the only way to comprehend whether your current landing page is the best you can do. Too many companies create landing pages and forget about them. They make theories about what will trigger audience response.

And most of the time, they’re wrong.

Conducting landing page A/B Testing lets you see what variant of a landing page results in more clicks, better conversions, and a reduced bounce rate. That might appear like a lot of work, but it’s crucial for conversions. You need each piece of your landing page puzzle to drape together, and you want those elements to work together to generate more leads.

What is A/B Testing? Understand the right definition.

The definition of A/B testing is sometimes pressed since it’s confused with other methods, such as split-testing. A/B testing refers to the observation of two variants of the same piece of content, with one item replaced on the variation. For instance, if you are doing A/B testing on landing pages, you might design a variation of the existing one and change the headline. During the A/B testing, you’ll recognize which version generated more clicks and engagement.

A/B testing for your landing pages can create a huge difference in your bottom line. You don’t just conduct one A/B test on your landing page. Instead, you want to test continuously to make sure you’re providing up just the right piece of content for your audience.

Here are 4 reasons why you should do the A/B Test for your landing pages:

A/B testing your landing pages seems like a lot of work, doesn’t it? That’s why many companies don’t bother. However, with stratify digital; the process isn’t complicated at all. Plus, you get lots of amazing benefits from running these A/B tests.

Let’s see at the top four reasons to A/B test your landing pages. You’ll learn how you can “hack” into your visitor’s minds and figure out what causes them to tick.


Conversion rates are a significant reason to A/B test landing pages. If you’re not capturing enough conversions, maybe you need to change your messaging, images, call to action, or something else completely. Many business people and entrepreneurs think they know their audience because they’ve done the research. However, it’s important to realize that you can’t understand your audience how they behave on your site. A/B testing on landing pages is done to figure out why your audience isn’t converting.


Landing pages A/B tests do not only increase conversions but also increase sales. When you’ve recognized the perfect creative and design for your landing page, your communication will resonate better with your audience, leading them to initiate buying decisions faster. Any tweak that can quicken your visitors through the funnel will enhance your bottom line. Instead of waiting for a prospect to make communication with your company four or five times, for instance, they might buy just after two touch-points.


Applying A/B testing on your landing pages lets you see what ingredients click with your audience and which don’t. Replacing just one word in your CTA can expose differences about your target audience that you never would have otherwise encountered.


Landing pages aren’t just for sales and conversions but helps your audience to carry through with your CTA. If a landing page “speaks” to an audience who isn’t yet willing to convert, he or she might rather follow you on social media or check out your latest blog posts. AB Test on landing pages helps pinpoint the image and language that resonate with your readers. The more specific you get, the more engagement you’ll see over all the platforms you use to reach your readers.


Nobody wants to get defeated by their competition. That’s why A/B testing your landing pages is crucial. We live in a very competitive scenery when it comes to business. Everyone has competition, no matter how different their products or services, and AB testing your landing pages give you a competitive advantage.

Some A/B tests might expose dramatic differences, while others might turn out to turn more or less the same. Begin A/B testing your landing pages today so you don’t miss conversions tomorrow. Start by designing the first version of your landing page. Change one element, such as your CTA or headline, to generate a variation, and then pit them against one another. To understand more about CTA, download the ultimate CTA Starter Pack that covers 50+ free templates.

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