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Why Animation is important for corporate sector?

September 2021, Animation

A recent article from Raw Pictures published new statistics on video marketing in 2021. The study highlights that there has been an 800% increase globally for animated videos. Furthermore, 64% of customers are purchasing after watching the animated videos.

Moreover, the statistics are clear since more time is being spent watching animated videos online than ever before. When it comes to B2B videos, 68% of customers are engaged when the videos are within 60seconds. Consumers love visual content, and it is easier to process visuals 60,000 times faster than text content. Furthermore, Animated content holds the engagement of customers in less than 1/10th of a second.

As a matter of fact, animated videos are an excellent way to increase engagement and brand awareness among the target audience. In addition to this, animations can be very effective to boost calls to action from customers. Therefore helping improve your conversion rate. Learn more about how our animation service has helped our clients to reach their business goals.

In this article, we will highlight the top reasons why businesses and corporate sectors should use animation. If you would like to read more on what type of animation you should pick, check out our previous article on “importance of animation in today’s world

Top 5 reasons why corporate sector should use animation

Motion Graphics

There are a lot of reasons why any corporate sector should use an animation video strategy. Out of all the reasons, the one that makes the corporate sector use an animation video strategy is to increase sales revenue. An animated video can easily describe complicated scenarios or messages because there are no restrictions on having to film the scene physically happening.

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Brand Impression

Brands have the advantage of leaving a remarkable impression on their target audience. Moreover, brands can give additional insight into their goals, values, and missions. Consequently giving its consumers a better understanding of who they are and what they are as a business. Animation videos used by corporate sectors leave an everlasting impression on customers. Furthermore, animation videos are easy to understand since complex messages are easily transformed into simple ones.


Easy to understand

Explaining a complex idea or product in the form of text can be very challenging. Moreover, depending on how the content is made, the audience may or may not engage with it. Furthermore, copy and flat images do not always bring an idea or product to life. So to connect with the target audience and get them engaged with your content, Animated videos are an excellent way to convey a complex message in the form of a short story. One great example of this is a video that we created for Ooredoo.


Increasing conversion rate

If you use animation videos to explain the advantages of your product or service to the audience, they are 100% more likely to engage with your content. Moreover, 64% of the audience are more likely to complete an action like fill out a contact form, complete a checkout, or watch a video. Animation videos allow your complex message to get across in an engaging way, whilst the target audience learns more about your brand. Furthermore, adding a call to action at the end of the animated video is a great way to boost traffic or take an action.


Full of entertainment

Similar to animated children’s films and cartoons that grip attention through fun and creativity, marketing strategies also use the same technique to grab user’s attention. Since animation is often used for entertainment rather than being a marketing method, customers are more likely to engage with animation videos rather than traditional ads. Moreover, animation videos are a great way to tell a story and connect to your audience. Furthermore, animations are full of endless possibilities, it can be entertaining, imaginative, and creative.


Easy content update

In this digital era, it’s really essential to adapt to new changes, especially if you’re in an industry where everything keeps on changing. Moreover, you must update your marketing strategy and implement Animated videos to keeping your content fresh. Furthermore, animation videos are much easier and more cost-effective to appeal to a different audience.

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Are you looking to promote your brand creatively? Are you struggling to decide between advertising in a local newspaper or thinking of adding a pop-up on your website? Do not worry as we are here to help you decide. Enter the digital era where everyone is using animation video marketing strategy to boost conversion rates. To summarise, animation can be a great marketing strategy. Furthermore, it is a great way to enhance customer engagement, make them remember you, and improve conversion rates.


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