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How can you use Artificial Intelligence SEO to improve your website?

January 2021, Digital Marketing

The internet has become the source for everything from searching for a big thing to repairing our kitchen sink. But AI SEO may be improving the way digital marketers help their websites rank high on search engine results pages.

However, failing to rank your business may result in you missing out on helpful search traffic. Therefore, making far less revenue for your company.

For a long time, you were able to get results with the basic SEO strategies. But not anymore. Since artificial intelligence is taking over the whole world, you will have to come up with a new plan for ranking your website.

What does that imply for your SEO tactics?


What is AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a term that incorporates multiple technologies that include machine learning (ML), computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), deep learning, and other rising technologies.

What is the point of using AI SEO?

Artificial Intelligence has one primary goal – to deliver cognitive tasks better and quicker than humans. It is a technology designed to make our work and life simple.

In business, Artificial Intelligence has already proven to be efficient in improving revenue. In sales and marketing, 30% of AI users cited a 6-10% improvement in revenue after executing AI technology.

The results are pretty impressive, and yes, AI can also be beneficial when it comes to SEO.

But the question is, will AI replace SEO? Certainly – not!

Let us talk about how Artificial Intelligence is affecting SEO and why it won’t be taking over.


What is AI SEO?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a core ingredient of search engine algorithms, including Google’s Rankbrain and BERT.

Moreover, if you understand AI and identify how it influences search engines, you can enhance your SEO using AI.

But that is not all.

Artificial Intelligence is also an outstanding tool for data analysis, which is a crucial part of composing a strong SEO strategy. From helping you find trending topics to identifying content gaps, you can do tasks quicker and more effectively with AI-powered SEO.

Why is AI SEO Important?

Although both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and SEO are complex methods, when used together, they make it simpler for you to enhance your website rankings on the search engine results page.

Always keep in mind about the search engines is that they always put the consumers first. They strive to deliver content that is as relevant as possible.

Because of AI, SEO is not about keywords anymore. It is about:

1. Concepts: What is the idea behind the consumer’s query?

2. Context: What is the purpose behind the user query?

3. Customer satisfaction: What are the most consistent answers to the user queries?

Therefore, keyword packing (also called Keyword Stuffing) does not work anymore (and hasn’t since Hummingbird). For your website content to rank, you should have a great link building strategy and to optimize for search engines powered by AI.

Today, one of the crucial factors that affect ranking is user experience. And Artificial Intelligence is one of the ways to provide website visitors with a positive user experience.

Let us check the six methods through which AI can help boost your SEO.

AI SEO: 5 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence in SEO to Improve Your Website

Now that you understand what AI (Artificial Intelligence) is and how AI SEO can reshape your website. Therefore, let us look at a few ways you can use Artificial Intelligence SEO to keep up with modern SEO strategies.

Discover New Opportunity With AI SEO

Moreover, the most critical feature of SEO is discovering hidden opportunities that have not been utilized by any other digital marketer.

That is one of the areas AI SEO is proving to be efficient to boost your website rankings. Lots of AI-powered SEO tools have appeared in the past few years, giving you a more in-depth analysis into:

1. Keywords to be targeted

2. Link building possibilities

With the fight to rank becoming more dangerous by the day, you need to find new target keywords, topic ideas, and other SEO possibilities that aren’t too common.


Generation of Content With AI SEO

Identifying content opportunities is only a small part of the SEO battle to rule the SERPs. You also have to produce content that hits the right mark.

Here AI can help improve your SEO. Want to know how?

Once you’ve worked on a tool like BrightEdge to find target keywords, you can use Artificial Intelligence to help you know what kind of content you should produce.

Moreover, once filled with your target keyword, Artificial Intelligence-powered tools hunt the web for content generated around that keyword. Within a few seconds, you’ll find:

1. Content gaps to utilize

2. Trending topics or subjects

3. The average number of segments to incorporate

With data like these, it becomes simpler to produce content as per user search queries, in short, personalized content that meets user intent.

Not only that, but Artificial Intelligence can help you assure that the content you produce is appropriate for each stage of your sales funnel. And that’s what AI will help you do.

Content Optimization With AI SEO

From the start, content optimization has been about target keywords, internal and external links, backlinks, and other SEO tactics. However, those things still matter.

Search engines are getting more skilled at figuring out accurately what the users’ intent is while searching.

How can content optimization be done for user intent? You guessed it right – with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Furthermore, AI SEO tools can help you to:

1. Develop topic clusters that answer the user questions

2. Understand the best length of content on your selected topic

3. Use target keywords and LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords accurately

With Artificial Intelligence, you can optimize your content to meet Google’s E.A.T norms found in their search quality guidelines. You can generate content that answers user queries. And that type of content Google loves to serve the audience.


Voice Search Optimization

One of the quickest evolving areas of search is voice search. With the audience relying on their voice-activated gadgets to search the internet, voice search optimization (VSEO) has become an aspect of SEO that you cannot neglect anymore.

Just take a look at how quick the number of voice-activated assistants is rising:

As per Statista forecasts, the number of voice assistants will reach 8.4 billion globally in the upcoming years — which is more than the total population of the world.

Users mostly ask questions using voice search, so one of the main ways for voice search optimization is by answering the questions people are asking.

Scale Your SEO

A crucial part of SEO is tiresome manual labor that has made it challenging for digital marketers to accomplish results quickly. However, Artificial Intelligence SEO has changed that.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – powered tools have taken a lot of the monotonous work out of SEO by gathering data, analyzing it, and paraphrasing it into actionable steps.

More than that, you will find AI SEO software, like Alli AI, that can help with your technical optimization as well. For example, it can help you:

1. Conduct SEO audits

2. Automatic content optimization

3. Fixing duplicate content issues

Furthermore, AI SEO software can help you improve your content creation by examining top-performing content. The artificial intelligence SEO software can help you design content strategies and summaries for optimized content.



In context, Artificial Intelligence is the future of SEO, and it has already started to show efficient results. Furthermore, by combining these two orders, you can generate a strong SEO strategy that is bound to get you noticed. More than that, it will help you establish a loyal audience.


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